Security Planning

Architecture Design

The planning and design of typology, hardware, software and configurations to reduce security risks and ensure compliance with mandated policies and sound security practices. Secured Cyber has certified experts with experience in creating and reviewing security architecture at both the enterprise and system level. This has included working with small business owners to design an affordable secure solution to agency-level designs and reviews.

Team Planning
Awareness and Training

Ensuring IT staff and end-users are cognizant of relevant policies, procedures, and techniques for safeguarding agency, corporate and personal information. Secured Cyber has certified experts with experience in designing, developing and implementing Information Assurance awareness and training classes and courses. We are able to offer both private and public sector awareness training focusing on relevant policies, risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and good security practices. We are also able to design training classes designed specifically for preparation for certifications or job role requirements.

Contingency Planning

Documenting and testing procedures for restoring business operations in the event of an IT system failure, emergency, or disaster. Secured Cyber has certified experts with experience in IT Contingency Planning (CP), Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) to assist system owners with planning, organizing and running excises, and performing independent testing. We have assisted customers in developing policies, conducting Business Impact Analysis (BIA), identifying preventative controls, developing recovery strategies, testing of plans, and training of personnel.

Risk Assessments

Identifying risks to the organizations operations and assets, by determining the probability of occurrence, resulting impact and mitigation requirements. Risk Assessments are the foundation of any system development lifecycle and an initial required process of the Certification and Accreditation requirements of any information system. Secured Cyber has certified experts with experience in performing risk assessments ranging from small stand-alone systems to complex networks and facilities